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Core is different.


Get started buying, swapping, sending and receiving crypto with no added fees via Core’s web app ( or crypto wallet on Chrome Extension and mobile.


Bridge Bitcoin and Ethereum to Avalanche to take advantage of low fees and fast transactions in DeFi.


Get started with the world of Avalanche by accessing features like AVAX staking, Subnets and X/P chain support.


Use to stay updated with the latest events and tutorials, and innovative dApps in DeFi, gaming and more on Avalanche.

Powerful features,

simple design.

10x faster than MetaMask.

Split-second transactions. is your window to Web3. Track on-chain activity, manage tokens and NFTs, discover the latest projects.

Web3, but easy.

Ledger hardware support.

Sign up securely with Google or Apple ID.

All powered by self-custody.

Bridge from Bitcoin ↔ Ethereum ↔ Anywhere.

Bridge directly on Core.

Address book for the blockchain.

All of your crypto contacts.

Send, recieve, bridge, swap, and buy crypto with no added fees.

Everything DeFi.

Built-in AVAX staking.

~8% protocol-generated yearly rewards.

Dedicated support for Avalanche Subnets.

73+ and counting.

Many tokens,

multiple chains. provides a single, intuitive platform that brings dApps, NFTs, Avalanche Bridge, Subnets, L2s, and more, directly to users. The web app and browser extension work seamlessly in tandem for all your needs.

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